Lake B2B’s 100% Accurate Customer Data Boosts Leading Wellness Company’s Sales Conversion Growth by 25%

Monthly Sales Engagement Increased by 40% Via Skyrocketed Email Engagement.

$12 Million Annual Revenue Projected, Using Lake B2B’s Email Records.

24% Increase in Email Open-Rates With a Consistent 90%+ Deliverability Rate.

Industry :Health, Wellness & Fitness
Location :California, the USA
Challenge :

Engaging prospects for product sales, events, demo appointments, etc. via email campaigns

Solution :Lake B2B’s human-verified database with comprehensive customer records

Meet the Client

Headquartered in California, USA, the client is a leading provider of home healthcare products, specializing in personal health tests, drug tests, pregnancy and ovulation tests, personal health devices, etc. With a wide range of products, the company has amassed a vast presence across 20+ countries. As a result, it generates annual revenues surpassing 100 Million USD with consistent Y-o-Y growth of 6%.




  • Dip Card Drug Tests
  • Drug Test Cups


  • Tens Massagers (Muscle Stimulators, Pulse Massagers, Etc.)
  • Tens Units For Pain Management, Heat Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, Etc.
  • Carbon Electrode Pads
  • Adhesive Electrode Tens Pads
  • Tens Lead Wires


  • Oximeters
  • Thermometers
  • Face Mask
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Urinalysis Tests


  • Fetal Dopplers
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Ovulation Tests
  • Fertility Thermometers
  • Combo Ovulation And Pregnancy Test Packs

Given their diverse range of solutions and products, the client was primed to achieve lucrative sales across America. However, reaching out to the target audience for these products was a whole different ballgame. The ideal audience segment to target was the decision-makers of drug-testing staff agencies in the USA. But to engage them in the hopes of onboarding paid customers, the client would need the right data to approach them in the first place.

Unfortunately, the client’s database was far from ideal. It lacked key customer records, was irrelevant in most cases, and accuracy was missing. The sales and marketing team had collated the database, but failed to maintain its efficacy as curating and updating customer records is both time and resource-consuming. As a result, they were left to rely on this inefficient database and deployed multiple email campaigns with the hopes of attracting the targeted accounts.

Since these campaigns were based on generic data, they barely received engagement. Some even landed on the desired leads’ spam folders instead of appearing in their inboxes. Bounce and churn rates were at an all-time high as the company’s emails brought in unfulfilling results. The main reason? Their crm lacking customized and unique data for personalized content to nurture and engage leads.

To turn things around, the sales team were desperately in need of a database that ticked off the following boxes: –

  • Accurate data to reflect real-time audience groups and engage them
  • Holistic insights to correct the missing information pre-existing in the client’s CRM
  • Unique customer records to identify similar and new business channels to attract diverse customers
  • Relevant data to focus on most qualified leads primed to engage

What Happened Next?

The client connected with a local database provider for a drug-testing staff agencies email list. While this database comprised information on all such agencies located in the USA, it still lacked the in-depth data fields to reach their CEO, owners, or presidents. Plus, it was barely updated and the campaigns deployed using it were still experiencing bad results. Email engagement was down, target accounts weren’t reached, and the existing clientele seemed to leak through the funnel due to irrelevant content.


John, the sales and marketing head, got in touch with us after their horrific database investment experience. Upon hearing the company’s toils, we suggested the team explain their specific needs to our data experts. Here’s what we offered to bring back the company to its former glory: –

A revitalized CRM via new and updated customer records

Lake B2B’s data experts provided the sales team with a total of 550 contacts: –

  • President/CEO/Owner of drug-testing staff agencies – 102 contacts
  • All manager and above level professionals – 448 contacts
  • Geography – USA

All our customer records were fresh and periodically updated every 45 days. Hence, the client received an updated and pristine directory of current records for their target accounts. This helped remove the primary block the company faced: the inability to identify and engage desired prospects. With holistic and updated records in hand, the sales team was finally equipped with the required insights to reach MQLs as quickly as possible.

The power of using intent data for faster conversions

Since the client wanted to engage with a niche audience of managers and C-level professionals, they needed more than email addresses. That’s why we provided a database that offered 110+ information categories to create the most rewarding pipelines. The attributes of these data categories and insights gave the client an ability to model the best leads and accounts for targeting.

These data categories used for identifying the best prospects included –

  • Revenue of the organization
  • Technology adoption
  • Staffing and employee strength
  • LinkedIn IDs of decision makers
  • Social behavior and analysis
  • Geography and expansion
  • Purchase propensity
  • Direct mailing addresses
  • Franchisee details
  • Influential Job titles

With these, the sales team could harness customer insights to determine every lead’s purchase intent and create their buyer persona accordingly. As a result, they deployed hyper-personalized emails, follow-up emails, and bi-weekly drip campaigns to nurture prospects and move them ahead in their funnel as quickly as possible. And since the pipelines were full to the brim, ROIs witnessed a massive spike as well, thanks to the skyrocketed email engagement metrics.

Pristine data for maximum results

What’s more, our data underwent our standard enrichment and appending processes, along with tele/email verification, before being handed over to the client. Our 10-step data cleansing and verification procedure ensured 100% database efficacy, as all irrelevant, blacklisted, outdated, bounce/spam-infested, and invalidated lead data were weeded out. Upon delivery, the client received a holistic database with sales-ready and CASL/OAIC/CCPA/GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant insights. Hence, emails stranded in spam boxes were not a worry anymore.


The sales team used our database to classify audience segments in various communication categories, based on the personal health products they were searching for. Every audience segment was then nurtured with content curated as per their pain points and intent. This made way for new account engagements going through the roof, with revenues increased of 15% from the first quarter of implementation.

Moreover, our well-maintained customer data also offered over 90% deliverability on the sales team’s deployed campaigns. This bumped up the numbers in terms of booked product demo appointments, sales events, daily website visits, newsletter subscribers, etc. Plus, bounce rates were reduced to a mere 3%, thanks to Lake B2B’s refreshed data added to the CRM.

“As a global frontrunner in home and personal healthcare products, we’ve always strived to provide top-of-the-line items. However, marketing them to our desired customers was where we struggled. Thanks to Lake B2B, we receive numerous avenues to amplify our brand message and get customers on board. Our high and dry CRM was rejuvenated as well, with existing customer data getting optimized for the best results.

“Lake B2B’s data experts further helped us in deploying more efficient and ROI-yielding campaigns via intent modelling data to understand how and when to approach a promising lead. We can easily recommend Lake B2B to any organization looking to hone its marketing prowess and create a formidable brand presence!”

– The CEO

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