Lead Nurture Outsourcing Increases a Sales Automation Company’s Net New Customers by 3X

Client’s NNC (Net New Customer) objectives elevated by 3X in 90 days

Email deliverability rate increased by 55%, increasing monthly sales by 38%

$2.2M turnover generated in 3 months through webinar activations

Industry :Computer Software
Location :Michigan, the USA
Challenge :Inability to reach target sales leaders and convert them via product demonstrations.
Solutions :Lake B2B’s customized email nurture solutions and lead nurture outsourcing campaigns.

Meet the Client

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, the client is one of the world’s leading software solution providers for sales automation. The company specializes in sales research, sales enablement, prospecting automation, and sales prospecting. Thanks to its portfolio of seamless products, the client has a vibrant customer base, with top sales teams like MuleSoft, Sitecore, and Clari as their dedicated consumers.

Being a prominent figure in the sales tech space, the client rakes in $17.3 million in annual revenues, with a steady Y-o-Y growth of 13%.



While the client possessed a solid position as an a1 solutions provider, it continued to face a major obstacle: insufficient customer reach. The company intended to identify and engage sales enablers and leaders who were actively seeking these solutions and were investing in them as well. These solutions included: –/p>

  • Analytics dashboards
  • Prospecting workflows
  • Integration with tools such as salesforce
  • Enterprise customer data maintenance

The client’s sales and marketing unit aimed to provide product demonstrations to these prospects, hoping to convert them into paid customers. To this end, the team formulated a campaign plan to be deployed bi-weekly. They wanted these to be a chain of targeted campaigns that reached top sales decision-makers and executives that, in turn, brought in increased footfalls for services/product demos.

However, such campaigns typically rely on highly accurate email data to engage the desired audiences. Whereas the client’s crm didn’t have that in the picture whatsoever. The sales team was using a pre-compiled database that followed a cookie-cutter approach.

This led to massive sales data ineffectiveness, with the client’s funnel being far from full. Their internal crm was fraught with umpteen, irrelevant, and decayed customer data. The team was deploying resources to engage non-existent or incorrect leads who had already changed their employment, email ids, mailing address, fax numbers, etc. Hence, the data barely aligned with the company’s goals, and its objective to double its new customer account was in shambles. This ultimately resulted in a 37% downfall in monthly sales, with the team failing to demonstrate any of its products to high-ticket customers.

Therefore, the urgent plan of action was for the company to source out a custom-built database to aid their niche audience targeting. Moreover, they also needed accurate email data to engage the right customers and push them further in the funnel and reduce the sales cycle.

What Happened Next?
The sales team quickly contacted a local database provider to stop the falling revenues from causing irreversible damage. The database they received was pre-compiled too, and while it offered a vast number of email addresses, most of them were outdated.

Naturally, the client was shooting at blank targets yet again. Customer retention faced an all-time low, with their sales pipeline falling dry by the minute. The campaigns launched using this database were draining resources without any results whatsoever.


Upon analyzing the client’s sales scenario and their target, our growth experts knew that mere email data wouldn’t make the cut. The company required customized data that fueled their campaigns to reach specific audience groups, bring in more eyeballs to their product demos, and ultimately onboard new paid customers to increase overall brand revenue. Here’s what Lake B2B provided: –

The impact of lead nurture outsourcing

Our experts suggested lead nurture outsourcing to help the client steer clear of pre-packaged lists that guaranteed no results when targeting niche audiences. This way, we took off the burden of customer data prospecting off the company’s shoulders and took on the challenge of insufficient customer reach.

The client received 2 million data counts on target accounts and their job titles by outsourcing marketing workloads. The team also got: –

  • Work phone number of the target leads
  • 80,0000+ direct dial numbers
  • Company name
  • Email IDs
  • Contact names
  • LinkedIn IDs

Using these, we started deploying campaigns that were hyper-personalized for the target audience personas. These further facilitated email nurture journeys based on every lead’s purchase intent, purchase history, and consumer persona. This aided in creating a surge in product demo interest, elevating brand awareness, and bringing in more customers for product demo sessions. Additionally, since all our data was 100% consent-based, the nurture campaigns relished 90% deliverability and brought in boosted ROIs.

Optimized data on existing customers

With the newly-created custom audience persona in hand, our data experts then filled in the incomplete records in the client’s existing CRM. These increased customer retention significantly, empowering the sales team to deploy successful follow-up campaigns and appointment-setting emails with the existing customers.

Webinar demo activations

Using our accurate and fresh data, our experts were able to conduct the following workarounds as well:-

  • Regular tele-calling for customer follow-ups and filling sales funnels
  • Appointment-setting email campaigns for product demonstrations
  • LinkedIn InMails to use multichannel marketing and engage the sales enablers active on the platform

These helped the client fulfil their target of conducting product demo webinars for the desired consumer segments. Furthermore, since the team had precise data in hand, they could further send out newsletters, along with follow-up and product description mails, to convert interested prospects ASAP.


Using Lake B2B’s lead nurture outsourcing, the client received enough juice to ramp up customer targeting and tripled its NNC objectives in just three months.

With email deliverability increased to 95%, the sales team drove down customer acquisition costs by 62%, simultaneously retaining existing clients to increase new-consumer revenue by 72%.

Witnessing the success of employing Lake B2B’s solutions, the company realized what they lacked: a data-rich CRM and custom datasets to target niche customers.

The revitalized CRM allowed the client to conduct multiple webinars and product demos across its targeted audience segments.

Moreover, the team could also deploy drip campaigns and unique nurture emails that suited specific customers based on their persona. This created loyal customer groups and opened up multiple avenues to market the products and increase returns tenfold.

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