Lake B2B’s Data-Driven Sales & Marketing Helps a Global Healthcare Software Enterprise Drive 200% Lead-Gen Growth with Targeted Email Engagement.

8X Increase in New Accounts Acquisitions and Engagements.

Campaign Conversion Rates Improved by 3X%.

Time to Conversion Reduced by 50%.

Industry : Information Technology (IT)
Location :USA
Challenge :

Lack of a high-performing and accurate lead data in the CRM and no fresh data available to support or fuel the sales pipeline.

Solution :

Loading B2B’s updated and new leads datasets coupled with data verification and validation for securing genuine leads from the existing client database.

Target Audience Profiles Sought by the Client:

The client’s sales and marketing teams had a highly niche TAM on their radar, mainly Contract Research Organizations (CROs). These organizations offer contract-based outsourced research services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturing companies. Under the umbrella of their research services include data entry and validation, project management, data management of clinical trials, disease and medicine coding, right up to preparation of final study reports.

The client company wanted to target CROs who needed the following:

CROs who need workflow solutions.CROs who want to implement digital transformation.CROs requiring mobile and point-of-use solutions.
CROs who need Software tools.CROs specializing in therapeutic areas of pharma ecosystem.CROs belonging to upper management levels who have to manage budgets.
CROs titles who want to reduce administrative overheads.CROs who want to modernize experience for research associates, project managers, and trial assistants.CROs who want to implement new software to showcase investments made to improve efficiency.

With regards to the senior-level CRO managers, the client wanted to target those with the following operational challenges and goals –

  • Maintaining low administrative overhead while scaling operations
  • Reducing the risk of study costs exceeding the decided budgets
  • Ensuring that all billable hours are captured in a timely and accurate manner
  • Maximizing staff productivity by providing appropriate tools and resources
  • Maintaining or improving organizational agility by automating processes
  • Availability of a well-designed and mobile friendly CRO workflow management system

Meet the Client

The client is a global provider of software solutions, professional information, and IT services for accountants, nurses, doctors, and professionals in the tax, audit, risk, finance, compliance, and regulatory sectors. Among the stellar portfolio of IT solutions offered by the client company are software tools and digital transformation, point-of-use applications, and high-quality content across multiple professional markets.

With the mantra of “delivering deep data when it matters most,” the client company carries out its operations in over 40 countries, has customers in 180+ countries across the world and legacy dating back 185 years.


Targeting CRO audience segments that would benefit from automating processes such as the generation of study estimates and quotes, and monthly invoicing which could help control their administrative overheads. This meant delivering value to CRO audiences via implementation of the client’s software to ensure effective control and monitoring of costs.

Since the client wanted to target multiple buyer personas of CROs, an accurate, vetted, and intent-driven leads database that facilitated proper audience segmentations, and thereby, ABM, was imperative.

But, that’s where the problem was – Lack of quality datasets were impacting sales and marketing efforts and the client sought answers to solve some of their pertinent sales challenges, which included –

  • Data Accuracy – The client wanted the data to reflect the real-world target CRO audience.
  • Data Relevance – The sales team wanted to know if the CRO leads required their software solutions.
  • Data Uniqueness – The client wanted to target new accounts and attract new channels of business.
  • Data Correction – The client wanted to address the problem concerning wrong and missing details of existing contacts.
  • Timeline-Relevance – The marketing team wanted to ensure that their lead-gen and engagement content reached their target groups at the right time (when they’re the most active in their search for similar products and services).


With their specific needs in mind, the client contacted the data experts of Lake B2B. In this case, an intense analysis was not needed since the client had already raised concerns regarding the accuracy and relevance of their existing database. Plus, they had identified their TAM which was conveyed to Lake B2B Data processing Team who got to the work – filling all the loopholes in the client database and removing duplicate customer record entries.

The Lake B2B Lead-Gen team started an email marketing campaigns with accurate CRO datasets that could be matched with the updated CRM to keep track of customers who are visiting the landing pages and website multiple times. Every lead that re engaged with the content and landing page was brought back into the sales funnel with more follow-up content and educative online demos.


A successful lead capture, tracking, engagement, and further nurturing with Lake B2B lead generation outsourcing and tele calling support.

The first step was to secure as many genuine leads as possible from the client’s existing database. Once the process of salvaging was over, the inaccurate and missing contact details of the genuine leads were included, maintaining 100% accuracy.

After that, a thoroughly fresh database was collated; one that met all the data integrity points that the client had requested for – accuracy, relevance, uniqueness, and more. Only those leads were included that showed the strongest buying signals; plus, their position in the marketing funnel was also made clear so that exclusively tailored content could be sent to capture their attention.

Lake B2B’s data experts successfully delivered over 110 data intelligence fields of 1,500 unique companies across the US and a total of 13,245 records. As much as 15 to 20% additional columns were also provided for CROs specializing in Drug/Disease Research. Here’s a glimpse of some of the basic fields that were covered in the client’s database –

  • CRO Company Name
  • CRO Organizations Professional Job Titles
  • CRO Organizations Revenues and Growth Trends
  • CRO Organizations Drug/Disease Research
  • CRO Professional Job Titles Segmented Contacts
  • CRO Email Lists and Direct Fax
  • CRO Direct Dials & Postal Address
  • CRO Titles LinkedIn IDs for ABM Campaigns
  • CRO Job Role Based Intent Mapping
  • CRO Phone Numbers
  • CRO Geo-Targeted Data – City Wise, State Wise and Country Wise
  • CRO Target List Based on Zip Code and more

The CRO Targeting Formula:

The client was further provided with more technology adoption and trends focused filters, budget research and search intent mapping of the most prospective audiences.

This information was used to classify the audience in different buckets of communication categories based on the specialization and diseases for which research studies were being conducted.

Each audience segment was nurtured with uniquely curated content and case studies that explained the benefits of the client software.
Email nurture journeys were designed to keep the leads informed, to monitor their response, and to gauge buying signals from interested prospects.
For lead generation, content marketing based on the leads’ position in the marketing funnel was practiced. For instance – whitepapers for the awareness stage, blog posts and product demos for the consideration stage, and success stories for the decision-making stage.
Then, the interested prospects were nurtured via email marketing – software setup or support guides were sent, social media handles were shared, even follow-ups were made to stay on top of the prospects’ minds.
Follow-ups were made via tele-calling to encourage prospects to register themselves for informative webinars and interactive product demo events.

Those prospects that were no-show for the events were engaged once again to ensure not a single lead is missed and so is no opportunity of establishing further sales connections. Moreover, masterful lead nurture timing was also given its due importance – to avoid the danger of over-nurture or stagnancy, a balance was maintained where every lead was sent highly resourceful long-form content every six days without any sales pitches. Then, every 18 days, a highly targeted sales-driven marketing message was sent to boost buyer journey momentum. Then, each lead’s activity was monitored to set the right time for pushing them to make a purchase decision.

Finally, the website visitor count for the client’s landing pages was constantly monitored to help them know which leads were spending the most time on their website and what the frequency of each visit was. Plus, gated content sign-ups encouraged leads to share their valuable personal information in return for resourceful and exclusive eBooks.


Intent-based marketing ensured leads were delivered content on the basis of their position in the marketing funnel. It further helped the client not just attract new leads but also engage them for longer periods before finally winning new closures.

Email deliverability jumped up to 95%. Even CTRs on emails and online Ads improved by 9X with Lake B2B’s data-driven strategies.

Email marketing and re-engagement of prospects boosted the ROI with a well-timed and executed lead nurture strategy. A personalized intent-driven content strategy ensured leads were able to make informed purchase decisions and get the best for their organization’s growth.

Use of gated content increased lead flow, website traffic, and brought in more high-quality deal wins.

“The overall impact of Lake B2B’s data intelligence solutions was that the client was able to increase their new accounts acquisitions and engagements by 8X as compared to the previous year.”

– –Business Development and Growth Head

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