Five Reasons Why Email Marketing will Continue to Stay Popular among Digital Marketers

Five Reasons Why Email Marketing will Continue to Stay Popular among Digital Marketers

Several decades back, companies looking to promote themselves used to print brochures and fliers. They used to distribute these physically where possible, and put them in the post where physically handing over was not possible. These postal communications were made to other organizations as well as to individual customers. And then the email was invented. Initially limited to only academic or defense institutions, it simply exploded within the next decade or so.

It was not long before the email became accepted as the standard mode of communication for both personal and official communications. And then it began to be used as a medium of communication for people or organizations who wished to promote a product or service. This came to be referred to as Email Marketing.

Email Marketing

Over the years, a number of other digital means have begun to be used for product promotions. But still, Email Marketing is still the strongest weapon in the digital marketing arsenal. This is useful and important not only for well-established companies. In fact, it is even more useful for new companies who are trying to find their foothold.

Let us look at some of the reasons why Email Marketing simply can’t be ignored by any company that wishes to grow its business quickly.

1. Strong legacy

Some of the other aspects of digital marketing, like blogs or social media profiles, have grown in effectiveness and popularity in recent years. But you must remember that anyone who is using a social media profile today must have started by opening an email account a few years ago. So the number of email users will always be greater than or at best, equal to the number of users of social media.

2. Direct Delivery

Direct Delivery

Continuing the comparison with social media, a Facebook post, for instance, might not be seen by 100% of the people you are targeting. But you can be sure that an email will be delivered to the mailbox of your target. You do not need to worry about whether that person is online, for instance.

3. Better Returns

If you compare other marketing or advertising costs with the cost of running an Email Marketing campaign, the emails will always turn out to be cheaper. This way, even if both provide the same business results, the ROI of the emails will turn out better, because ROI is calculated as a percentage of the expenses incurred.

4. Fixed Address

An email sent to a recipient will continue to remain in the inbox till the time he or she actually deletes it. This means that the recipient can keep an email for later perusal, or return to the email several times at a later time. But if we compare this to social media posts, they get overwritten so many times that even if the recipient likes something you have informed, they would find it difficult to come back to that same post or comment.

5. Easy to create

One of the most important reasons why Email Marketing is here to stay is that there is almost no barrier to entry, and almost anyone can create a great email.

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