5 tips for Performance Marketing To Providers

5 tips for Performance Marketing To Providers

Healthcare Marketers spend billions of dollars each year trying to influence physicians and surgeons and for good reason: physicians and surgeons control a ton of money.

Based on historic data, the average doctor in the United States controls about $2 million in healthcare costs. That’s nothing to sniff at. If that figure is hard to wrap your mind around, think of it this way: Doctors control about 80% of all healthcare spending in the U.S. (and the U.S. spends roughly 3.5 trillion on healthcare with those costs expected to reach $5.7 trillion by 2026).

It’s easy to understand why doctors are so popular and why so many marketers are trying to get their attention. But getting their attention these days is no small feat.

Back in the day, it was easy to get a doctor’s attention. You simply sent a rep to the office and over lunch, he or she would tell the doctor and staff all about the product or medication. Easy peasy.

And so for years, an almost-constant stream of pharmacy reps or device reps walked in and out of doctor’s offices all around the country.

But nowadays, most practices, particularly those that are hospital-based, no longer allow sales reps into the office. And even if they did, many doctors have become wary and jaded at all of the marketing aimed at them and so have become very well screened from most messages.

But let’s say this wasn’t the case. Let’s say doctors were open to receiving all kinds of marketing messages. The other truth is that BIG PHARMA is going to be able to outspend you every single time. The pharma industry is a $450 billion industry that spends roughly $27 billion a year marketing to doctors.

The good news is, though marketing to doctors may be hard, savvy marketers can do very well, even if they don’t have a BIG PHARMA-sized budget.

Here are 5 tips for Performance Marketing To Providers:

1. Get Focused

Get Focused

To ensure your marketing is cost-effective, hyper-focus by marketing to physicians only. Why waste time and money getting your message in front of people who are not relevant? Make sure the doctors you market to have the authority to make final decisions by leveraging our data sets that allow you to filter based on CPT Codes, Procedures ICD Codes, and Prescription Data, etc.

2. Value-Based Marketing

Your objective isn’t to just sell to physicians but to help them make informed decisions. To do this successfully you have got to try and understand what is important to the physicians by specialty, size of the practice, hospital type, etc and offer a solution that helps.

Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” The truth is, even highly-skilled and intelligent doctors make purchasing decisions often based on educative content and not sales content. So you need to give them the answers and motivation they need to get their business.

3. Leverage Email Communication

Leverage Email Communication

According to a 2020 survey of HCPs and Providers, most doctors prefer email as an initial means of communication. Your chances of engaging with them increase by 50% by reaching them on Mobile devices via remarketing. As you know, we can help you with multi-channel / Cross-Device Campaigns resulting in superior engagements.

4. Be an Information Partner

According to that same survey, “medical professionals prefer marketers to act as information partners.” Be sure your content does not focus on selling so much as educating doctors about new technology and innovations. Always use content to offer real value that will help grow their practice.

5. Use Their Language

When marketing to doctors, it’s important to learn about their clinical or academic focus and use terminology that is specific to their discipline. Consider segmenting your prospects into specific practice areas. For instance, instead of going for all cardiologists, in the same manner, segment into areas like electrophysiology or interventional cardiology so you can focus on the right terminology. And our data helps you do that and more.

Yes, doctors are busy people who certainly don’t make it easy to approach them. But if you use these 5 strategies in your marketing, you’ll have a much better chance of building relationships and making sales.

Need some help reaching the right physicians?

Need some help reaching the right physicians

We can help with Active Data and Customer Acquisition via Multi-Channel / Cross-Device Campaigns, SEO, etc.

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