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The year 2012 marked the 30th anniversary of AutoDesk. And to add to the accolades the brand has earned in these 30 booming years, AutoDesk presently has over 12 million users, a number that is greater than the combined users and customers of all their competitors together!(Graphic Speak)

As far as achievements for AutoDesk are concerned the list is endless. But that’s exactly what makes us ask the question – “12 million users and still glowing! How many of them have you been able to reach with your products and services?”

Communication gap is the greatest challenge that marketers face during b2b campaigns- a gap caused by the fact that marketers are often unable to get access to accurate and verified data for their campaigns that would come with guaranteed deliverables. Fortunately with the AutoDesk AutoCAD users email list from Lake B2B marketers no longer have to worry about reaching out to users and customers of AutoCAD. Our comprehensive databases are developed in a manner such that it assists marketers in promoting their upgrade, consultancy and support services to global decision makers through their preferred channel of communication.

In a research it was seen that during 2010-2012, AutoCAD WS (free) was downloaded for more than 7 million times (Graphic Speak). It’s true that it’s likely that a percentage of these downloads were used on a one-time basis only, yet it unquestionably points to the popularity and user preference for this software. With Lake B2B’s AutoDesk AutoCAD users mailing database marketers can leverage from this opportunity by ensuring that their brand gets noticed and their services gain popularity though channelized form of marketing!

With over 13 years of relevant market experience and insights, Lake B2B can offer its clients the most comprehensive databases and marketing solutions that will ensure that marketers are able to achieve their targeted business goals with efficiency. Available in custom-built and pre-packaged formats our databases take into account client business specifications, and delivers globally sourced data according to their business and marketing plans!

So if the answer to our question is a disappointing figure, then make haste! It’s not yet too late and with the AutoDesk AutoCAD user e-mailing lists it is possible for marketers to increase the numbers effectively!

Getting to know AutoDesk AutoCAD

Social, cloud and mobile- these are the three areas that one needs to focus on for digital design and art. The question however is, how prepared are you with your services for adjusting to this global transformation? If you are not, then with the AutoDesk AutoCAD users email addresses you will be!

2D and 3D digital design and art- the phenomenon that has been instrumental in transforming numerous industries like architecture, construction, entertainment, engineering, media among others, saw an upsurge with AutoDesk introducing its CAD (computer-aided-design) software. Its flagship and most popular commercial product AutoCAD, is presently used across industries primarily for streamlining designing workflows and automating drafting tasks. Its two primary versions are AutoCAD LT (entry-level, low cost CAD package) and AutoCAD 360 (account based, for mobiles and web applications).

So start reworking on your marketing strategies and business plans. With the support of the AutoDesk AutoCAD users mailing list there’s little scope for marketers not to be able to enhance their business performance effectively!

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