This service is unique in the industry. Provide a list of companies and we can return a comprehensive report with holistic market information about them. Perhaps you could use it to learn more about your competition or some targeted accounts.

Everybody in the executive, marketing and sales teams can benefit from our insights by investing a very affordable amount per company.

Our 360 degree profiling services include:

Company information and history Office locations
Company and product awards Financial data
Balance sheet Income and cash flow details
Markets served Key customers and partnerships
Products and services SWOT analysis
Competitor analysis Executive bios
Organization chart IT infrastructure details
Email addresses and social media profiles Web site and SEO analysis
All key decision-maker and departmental manager contacts

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Since inception, Lake B2B has been at the forefront of data management services, list solutions, and customer data insights. We provide data centric solutions to a wide range of business-to-business companies. Our focus over the years has been on improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns, driving more revenue, and increasing profitability of sales and marketing teams in organizations.

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